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School events



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From 6th to 12th November 2015 a group of  twenty students from Lower Secondary School under the care of English teachers, Mrs Joanna Leśnowolska and Mrs Alina Mastalerek, participated in the Language – Learning camp “EuroWeek – The School of Champions”  in Międzygórze, near Bystrzyca Kłodzka. The camp lasted seven days. Most of the students had been there a year before.

The Organizer – European Youth Forum, with headquarters in Bystrzyca Kłodzka did a great job again. The volunteers presented their countries and there was a lot of taking in English for the whole day.

The camp program includes 4 subjects: “Work in group”, “Leading”, “Work” and “Europe”, Lessons are in a form of interactive workshops, simulating games and practical exercises. The level of language is adjusted to the level of group and the timetable is modified if necessary.

On this year’s camp, the students polished their skills of auto presentation and partner presentation in English, participated in Oxford debate, learned to cooperate, shared roles and duties, learned to build trust in group. Doing tasks like “Mission Impossible“, or “Dream Country Project“,  by preparing and recording scenes students could increase their creativity, and the skills of organizing time and tasks. MORE... click here


Poetry Evenings

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Poetry evenings have become our school tradition since 2010. They are held in November every year. They are organized by teachers and students from Drama Club. The subject matter is different, for example patriotic poetry, Pope John Paul’s II poetry, themes of death and evanescence of life, poetry of Polish martial law. The evenings are not only meetings with poetry but also with music that creates special atmosphere and makes the evenings are more enjoyable. Students from all classes willingly participate in these events. They learn poems by heart and recite them in front of the audience. We invite people from our local community. Our guests are poets, parents, representatives of local authorities and church and senior citizens. After students’ presentation guests have a chance to talk together, eat cookies and drink coffee or tea. The evenings promote our school and are great examples of social inclusion in our area.

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